About Us

    We are a family run on line retailer.  I started the business in 2017 as an educational tool for my twin grandchildren (and if this goes well, I have other grandchildren I will be looking for business models).  The plan is to develop a business which will provide funding for their college education and beyond.  Though in elementary school today, they have provided input and have made out orders for some of the merchandise we sell.  They receive a quarter for every item orders, the rest is re-invested in the company to increase our inventory and selections.

   We want to being friends and family back around the table for face to face conversation either through puzzles, game play, science projects, etc where there is interaction and fun.  Plan a time week;e, bi-weekly or monthly for activities centered around interaction by turning off the electronic screens and having time together.  Have a game night, invite people to "drop in" and have some fun games to play where you can laugh, snack and build lifetime memories and friendships.  Puzzle together, glue and frame the puzzle when its done.  My parents had a puzzle table where when you drop in you could add a piece or two (they preferred you add more).  When I visit today, one of those puzzles I added pieces to is framed by the door, a reminder of family time together.

   We offer you low prices, a low free shipping threshold ($50 for free shipping in the lower 48 states), and a wide array of products to choose from.  Our prices are compliant with MAP (Manufactures Advertised Price) allowance.

   You have multiple options on shipping.  Our goal is to ship within 24 hours during the business week.


    If its out of stock or you don't see it listed email us, we place regular orders with our suppliers to replenish and increase or stock.  

      We hope you become regular customers, send us suggestions for lines you would like to see (  Share information with your friends when you are playing or puzzling or on social media and remember to bookmark our site.  We add new selections throughout the month.