About Us

    We are a family run on line retailer.  I started the business in 2017 as an educational tool for my twin grandchildren (and if this goes well, I have other grandchildren I will be looking for business models).  The plan is to develop a business which will provide funding for their college education and beyond.  Though in elementary school today, they have provided input and have made out orders for some of the merchandise we sell.  They receive a quarter for every item orders, the rest is re-invested in the company to increase our inventory and selections.

   We have experimented with various price models.  Today, exclusively online retailers are multiple stipulations placed on their ability to buy and sell.  Many suppliers will not allow us to sell on Marketplace sites (Amazon, Ebay, etc.), of those that do, a number require a MAP agreement (Minimum advertised price) which does not limit what we can sell an item for, just what we can list it for (that's why some retailers say to inquire for price).  We want to list our price so we have decided to retail at MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price).  We realize there are numbers of companies who sell at far less (we tried and it did not change the amount we sold, we just had less to reinvest).  We do have some discounting through signing up for our newsletter, a rewards program and shipping.

    We found one of the biggest expenses is freight.  Shipping costs to us for what we sell, and shipping costs in sending items to you.  While we are limited in what we can provide, shipping international is a high cost (usually 2-3x's the retail price), plus what might be charged at customs which we also have no control over, we decided we could do something within the lower 48 states (Continental United States) by offer flat rate shipping at $7.99 for everything under $50 dollars and free for $50 or more.  Our hope is to maintain this structure, though we know we are at the mercy of the carriers we use, USPS and FED-EX (mainly smartpost). We usually ship priority because we want your package to arrive ASAP.


     We ship same day if ordered by 5 pm (the post office ships out next day though we drop packages off at a pick-up point til 7 pm and to FED-EX same day except weekends). 

      We hope you become regular customers, send us suggestions for lines you would like to see (