Game Night with Ace Detective

Game Night with Ace Detective

    Bringing Friends and Family together around the gaming table, Briggs Game Shop ( invites you to consider Ace Detective for one of your upcoming game nights.  Build a library of games shipped to your home with flat rate shipping in the lower 48 at only $7.99 or free shipping at $50.

   Here are the details on Ace Detective:

   The year is 1941. Within eight months, the United States will join in the war raging in Europe and brewing in the Pacific. However for the moment, the lives of most Americans continue in relative peace...unless you live in the City by the Bay.

In San Francisco crimes, mysteries, and good old-fashioned murder present unique challenges to detectives and residents alike – especially if you happen to be a detective investigating a dirty backroom deal inside a neon lit nightclub, or a future criminal plotting against a spouse under a flickering streetlamp. It is up to you, the players, to create the story.

Ace Detective – which features color and black/white artwork from the grand masters of detective pulp Black Mask Magazine – is a noir storytelling card game that rewards imagination and the turn of a good tale. Play your cards right, tell your story, and be rewarded with the plot points needed to place clues on the suspects of the crime. But be careful as everyone in this gritty city is competing to tell his or her own story... become the true ace detective.

Nov 4th 2018

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