Lets Paint Miniatures

Lets Paint Miniatures

    We continue to add paint for miniatures along with increasing our collection of miniatures adding to the fun of game play.  Recently we added the Citidal line, a Games Workshop paint line.  As a member of our newsletter subscribers you will receive an additional 10% discount on our already discounted miniature paint lines.

   The key is to set up your table, paints, brushes, tools. cloths etc.  Once you start you want to be prepared to continue on without having to look for something you need but never had on the table. If your miniature is on a plastic sheet and not one piece assembles, you will want to have hobby clippers to but the parts out trying not to get flush with the piece but use a hobby knife to fine tune the piece.

  Setting the base paint is the foundation you will be working from, either using a spray base paint which you will want to build lightly by laying the paint so you don't end up with drips of paint forming on your miniature, or use a base paint.  Making or buying a handle holder is helpful so you don't have to touch your miniature while painting.

     Using a layer paint adds a special touch as you advance in painting your mini.

    This is a start to get you going, enjoy the experience, there are lots of minuatures waiting for your brush 

Sep 4th 2019

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