The New Norm #1

    We want to bring you an update on our business and then continue briefly with our comments on the pandemic and the "new Norm" the world has moved into.  Remember, these are our thoughts designed to get you thinking and talking with each other, by no means the perfect solution.

    We have been overwhelmed with puzzle orders, and we are working as fast to fulfill them as possible.  Many of our suppliers are presently closed or working on delayed shipping, some orders placed today to restock are 4-5 weeks out from arrival, for others they have said they will let us know when they reopen.  The main supplier for games has closed their warehouses without a set plan for reopening, then they have to restock, so what games we have is it for the foreseeable future.

     We are re-evaluating our business, and business model.  We will be increasing our puzzle selections and looking at what works in the game business.  Our 10 year plan has gone out the window as we operate by the seat of our pants right now.  None of us would have anticipated  the devastation this pandemic has brought, nor what will be the new norm at the end, whenever that comes.  Our plan has been to be the best prices to find puzzles and games and will continue to be.  We are committed to send out your orders as quickly as we can though right now we are not doing as well as we would like.  Some people have paid for faster service, right now it does not help you as we don't notice until we ship.  We utilized several marketplace sites as part of our plan to become known, right now it has thrown off our inventory counts, so we are using only one marketplace (and selling at a high price there on most items so you want to buy here).  

   We have new inventory coming in, we have filled with pipeline with puzzle companies still open and selling.  There delay will still keep things flowing here as the 3-4 weeks has caught up with our orders.  So be on the lookout. 

   Our plan now is to take orders placed by 7am and ship them out the following day, if not sooner.  We hope to be caught up and able to do it this coming week.  If we are missing items in your order, you will be refunded when we ship.  We are re-inventorying our warehouse and bring things on line as we count them to have a more accurate inventory count, though we realize 100% accuracy in a business with over 4,000 sku's can have its hiccups.  Please bear with us.

    We appreciate your and want you to be safe.  Follow the mandates, sometimes as confusing as they can be, so when we come out of this on the other side we can take the lessons we learn in the journey and improve on life for generations to come.

    This is long enough for one to read, so I will wait to talk about the "New Norm" in all aspects of our life (in short bits) next time


Apr 5th 2020

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